Professional project management for your long-term growth and success

In a previous article, I wrote about the importance of a kickoff meeting for project success. But how do you really know that a project was successful once it’s complete? Because it was completed on time? Not necessarily. Not everything is going to go smoothly during [...]

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Ever wonder how project managers are able to juggle so many projects they manage resource allocations, schedule, budget, issues, risks and changing priorities without skipping a beat? It is important for any project manager to have these hard skills, especially [...]

Ever wonder why some teams are always so busy but nothing ever seems to get done? It could be because projects are not being properly vetted and/or priorities are frequently changing. This situation gets even more challenging as a company grows. How can a team be productive when [...]

Don't Underestimate the Value of the Lessons Learned

by Veronica Thraen / May 1, 2017

Top 3 Ways Project Management Can Eliminate Roadblocks…So You Can Focus on Driving Success

by Veronica Thraen / September 11, 2017

Would You Hire a PM Without These Soft Skills?

by Veronica Thraen / July 10, 2017

As an organizational leader, do you find yourself spending an enormous amount of time in meetings talking about projects, chasing down team members for status or developing project reports or presentations? Spending so much time on project-related detail rather than focusing your efforts [...]

Post-Kickoff Tips to Maintain Project Momentum

by Veronica Thraen / January 16, 2017

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Want to Avoid Team Burnout? Start Prioritizing Your Projects ASAP

by Veronica Thraen / March 1, 2017

You’ve just held a successful project kickoff meeting. All team members and stakeholders have a clear understanding of objectives, scope, and roles and responsibilities. Everyone is prepared and motivated to move forward with the project. So, how do you maintain this momentum through [...]